How do I update a component?

I’ve entered my domain and set up my API access, why isn’t my Shopify content loading?

Why is Magic Import not working or leaving out some of my products?

Why isn’t my Add to Cart button working?

Do you offer refunds?

Do you offer a white glove service?

Do you support Shopify apps like Reviews, Subscriptions, Upsells, etc.?

Do you support customer sign ups & logins, order management, etc.?

Do you support country or currency selection?

Do you support language selection?

Do you support email & SMS opt-ins?

Do inventory quantities get updated in real time?

Does this work with dropshipping services like Printful or Printify?

How do analytics work between Shopify and Framer?

There’s a feature I want to use but I don’t see it on your site, do you support it?

Can I use your Shopify integration without a template?

Is the Shopify integration easy to use?

Can I make my own custom components instead of using yours?

What data gets sent to Shopify?

What elements are dynamically pulled from Shopify?

Will Framer Commerce work on my staging and live domains?

Can I use my primary domain for both Shopify and Framer?

How are the Framer files set up? Can I add to the code and logic?

How does the CMS import work? If I add a product in Shopify, will it automatically be added to Framer?

What is a license?

Do I also have to pay for Framer and Shopify? What plans do I need?

Can I get a discount on multiple licenses?

I’m purchasing a license on behalf of a client, are there any steps involved?

Can I upgrade my license after I purchased it already?

How can I apply to be an affiliate?